Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Break

I am not finished with my Chinese New Year celebration yet, so please be entertained by these at the meanwhile.

I tried to capture some fireworks display during CNY, but since I was using my "soh kua" handphone camera, they all turned into a UFO display instead.

I call this "The Sun In The Night"

Having taken all these pictures myself, I am never going to believe all those aliens crap anymore. Yeah, you saw an UFO in Russia, big deal, I saw 10 red UFOs in front of my house.

They are call fireworks.

can you count how many slashes of sparks are there in this picture?

And I love it.


stacey said...

Technically, it wouldn't still be called an U(nidentified)F(lying)O(bject) if its already identified to be fireworks, no? By the way, love your blog <3

Andrew Ho said...

thankx, it's surprising people do read my archives.

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