Sunday, February 1, 2009

The First Month Of The Year Is Gone

Super Short Talk: "Useful and inspiring. This is what the Deputy Prime Minister thinks of some of the comments posted on his blog about the second stimulus package". If I were there, I'd surely ask him "how about the rest of the comments, did anyone fuck you?"

I read in the Star yesterday, there was a big headline that said "Only Coward Depends On Quota System". My first thought to it was "Oh so someone finally spoke up about the quota system that is doing unjust to the other races in the country". Then I clicked it, only to find that it was something said by a member of the Umno Supreme Council about the party's election regulation. How humorous, even they themselves know only coward depends on quota system.

If you have been through proper English courses, for example the GCE O Level, you'll always be required to do a lengthy comprehension during exam. And a regular question you can always find is one like this "what does the word 'they' in the paragraph above refers to?"

If I were to apply the same question to my first paragraph above, I think I will be getting all sorts of answers. Some smart ones among you will probably say "you are referring to the Malay people", while the rest will mostly resort to "you are referring to animals". Hahaha, but unfortunately both answers are wrong. The correct answer will be "the word 'they' above refers to cowards". So if you're wondering why you didn't get 'A' for your English, that's probably because you didn't read my blog much enough.

Chinese New Year has finally come to an unofficial end, so that means life is going to start rolling again. It's kind of a put down sometimes because when I gaze into the future, the next few months, the calendar down this year, I am not really sure whether it is a pile of gold I'm rolling into or if it's just a really big piece of shit. And that gentlemen is another reason why I need Jesus.

I woke up early at dawn the other day and saw my dog getting caught in between like this,

It was scared by the thunders from the morning rain, I guessed it must have heard it 10 times louder than I did. Imagine what happened during the CNY eve. I stupidly told tell her that it's just the thunder and she wont get hurt but still she were looking at me with a dumb face trying to lick my toes all over. You see, we are like dogs sometimes, I know it's bad analogy, but sometimes we hear these 'thunders' roaring loudly in the midst of our lives, and it intimidate us so much. We struggled hard enough only to get stuck and entangled, many times we do that but without once realize that the thunder cannot kill or hurt us. It's just, well....... very loud noise.

And this is my passed-CNY post. Here I am in the night, took a good bath, put on my pjs....

non-photoshoped, what you see is what you get

.....and this is it, that's all you get this time. I'm hanging up now. See ya.

lights off

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