Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Super Update: Because BN has taken Perak and I feel even more disgusted, especially after I read that other PKR members were approached before to do the same thing and the pay was RM5 MILLION. I have added another paragraph to curse the assemblyperson and bold it.

Super Short Talk: This is a bonus post, it came out freshly baked and sent over from Perak.

When Anwar claims: I have enough numbers of defectors from Barisan Nasional to form the new government! The time for change is HERE!

Barisan Nasional replies: Oh my father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother's sister's father in law's baby brother's baby sitter's aunty's second son! We are the people's chosen representatives, we are chosen by the rakyat for the rakyat. How can we be leap frogs and jump ship?! That is an abomination! It is wrong!

And today the Star reports:

Bota (somewhere in Perak) assemblyman Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim, who had quit Umno to join PKR less than two weeks ago, has returned to the dominant Barisan component party.

PKR’s Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu have also quit their parties, as did DAP’s Jelapang assemblyman and Perak state assembly deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong.

All three said they would remain Barisan-friendly Independents for now.

All four (including that piece of shit that quited Umno to join PKR and then quited PKR and joined back Umno) assemblymen appeared at the press conference with Najib.

Barisan and Pakatan now have 28 seats each in the 59-seat assembly.

Barisan claimed it is ready to take over the Perak State Govt.

Referring to that Malaysiakini reports:

No money involved, says Najib

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today denied having offered the four former Perak Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons cash for their defection from their respective parties.

The Star continues to report:

The two (Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman, PKR representatives who quited PKR to be Barisan Friendly Independents) were charged in a Sessions Court on Aug 25 last year with allegedly receiving bribes over the application for a RM180mil housing project in Sri Iskandar in Perak Tengah. Their case comes up for hearing on Feb 10.

Don't you smell something fishy here?

The 3 representatives who quited PKR, two of them are facing a corruption charge which is going to be heard soon and the other one, well it's a woman. They all quited PKR to be 'Barisan Friendly Independent". Short Form BFI. These Barisan's Fooking Idiots independents came together to join Najib's press conference in which Najib announced it is taking over Perak. What do you BFIs who quited your party has to do with BN holding a press conference like that? Were you congratulating them? Or were you rejoicing with them? You are Independents, you should be the candidates who hates both side. Whether PKR or BN.

You know like Robbie William in the movie "Man Of The Year", "it's not about democrats or republicans, it's about everyone else".

Wow, I think Perak's assemblymen really thinks that we Malaysian are stupid and they can screw us anyhow they like.

I am impressed, good job Barisan. You have done what I will exactly do if I were in power. I especially like your stand on jumping ship, your disgust in MPs who quit and betray their parties to give support to the other ones. I agree with you that all those that jump ship and forfeit the trust and support of the voters when they made you their representative should be cursed and so shall their offspring until the third and fourth generation.

I think these people should die a terrible death, preferably one like getting strike by the lightning in a perfect sunny day, or die choking by drinking plain water. Heck I think they should die because they choked on the air they are breathing. I think their children and their children's children should also suffer the same fate. I was so happy when a protest banner was hung on the DAP Hee assemblywoman's service centre saying she is a traitor. My father said it right when he said this kind of people will only bring shame to their families. And don't tell me they are doing it because of justice, fuck your whole family, najib already gotten ready and well informed about you all quiting and flew in there to change the govt immediately, don't tell me it wasn't pre-planned and you were not bought over by BN in millions. I curse that you may die and that the people of Perak whom you betrayed may cut your flesh into pieces, eat them to satisfy their hunger for justice and drink your blood dry to satisfy their thirst for rightfulness. Let the remaining of your bones be crushed and scattered in Palestine so that Israel can bomb it again and again until it turns into fine air. And whichever land which contain these air contaminated by your spirit should be vacuumed and demolished completely, either Gaza or Israel, pick your side. So shall this be to you and and your children and your children's children.

Keep doing that and I might just vote for you next time. With a powerful charismatic charming figure like me on your side, you'll be winning any election until the second coming of Christ.


Anonymous said...

"The 3 representatives who quited PKR, two of them are facing a corruption charge which is going to be heard soon and the other one, well it's a woman."

and what exactly do u mean by "it's a woman."

but yea, i do agree that these politicians are sure making a fool of us.

Andrew Ho said...

I was making a sexist joke. Sorry. I wont retract it.

DL said...

*clap* *clap* ;)

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