Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A little leisure, a little news, a little humour, a little thoughts. A little bit about everything, that's what I am. I know I have been doing a lot of 'thoughtful' postings lately so I'm taking this to be an easy one. Where should I start, okay let's start from the most stupid things. A few days ago, a guy came to buy DVDs from me in the store and I think some of you might know who he is.

Here you go, Nicholas Teo Zhang Dong Liang. And this is not just a receipt from a guy with the same name. It's the real person. If you insist on being sceptical, you can assume this is just a guy with the same name and signature who happens to also spend Rm319.50 on Disney Cartoons. But of course, I can't give you harder proof like a photo because I was pretending I didn't know him at all. He speaks hokkien to me by the way. I always hear that he is kinda snobbish and doesn't appreciate his Kuching fans much. Unlike me, I am always kind to my world wide fans which is scattering across the milky way. Be sure to catch me in the Teen's Choice Award next month in Jupiter.

I have been to Imperial Duck (Kuching) quite a few times since its opening and I got to say they sell very good ducks at the most reasonable price. It is not arguably the best duck in town, it is the best duck in town.

Duck Noodle

Pork Noodle

Xiao Loong Pau which is rare in Kuching

Is the rise of Starbucks, classy coffee, pubs and fine dining area robbing the business of Kopitiams in Kuching or is it so that they suddenly decide to rebrand and improve themselves. Because this is what I found in a coffee shop 3 minutes away from my house in Tabuan Jaya.

Free Wifi, gone are the days where you have to pay Rm11 for a cup of shit in order to surf the net with your laptop. We may not have air conditioner or sofa, but our cheapest drink costs you only Rm0.20. It's called Pipe water.

China is good at everything except for English. They are so smart they can come up with nice CD and packaging with all the wrong English names. Here is where they call famous 'BEYOND' to "BEYONG". Instantly turning something that is Chinese to sound very Korean. If you think that's too much, take a look instead at this . . .

Jacky CHUENG is one of my favourite singer

Last and least I saw this sign when visiting the Gents in a shopping complex.

My only question is, if I were to take the blue marker drawings away, what does the freaking sign originally mean?


Anonymous said...

where did u see the sign?

Andrew Ho said...

Crown Square.

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