Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who Dude is not good

Rihanna is having a concert in Malaysia, and as expected, whenever a star from Hollywood is coming here to perform, the PAS youth will start a protest over it and try to ban it. Whether it is Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or Avril. It happens as always the same and for the same reason "they are wearing too little clothes, too sexy".

And every time they do it, they will end up failing. Never once did I heard that a small party like PAS is successful in banning a concert like this, one that involves multi-million ringgit. I feel strongly that what they are doing is stupid and futile altogether. I am not insulting any one's religion, and if their religion forbid them to see sexy singers they can always abstain from supporting her. But banning it? That is really a lousy way to deal with matters. Is this what our society has turned into? If we don't like something, we ban it, if we don't like someone, we kill him or her like what terrorist does?

If I were to be a PAS member, I would suggest that you run an awareness campaign instead of a futile protest. Spread the awareness to your fellow Muslim that they shouldn't give support to Rihanna's concert because she wears sexily.

Hudud law is another one. I know PAS uphold their religion highly, but in upholding your supreme order, you should not be ignorant. Does any of you has any knowledge of what hudud law is? This is hudud law, if you steal something, I will chop your hands. If you rape a woman, I will cut your penis off. And I came by wondering, what if I am being rape by a woman? Cut which part now?

This is Malaysia. There is no room for such in our constitution. We already have our syariah court in order and doing their job. What more do you want? Would you like to run this country like Iraq? Whereby woman must be masked and treated only a little bit higher than animals?

Political parties are nothing without the people's support. Your job is not to run your own ideas and enforce your own laws. Your lifespan is 5 years, and when the due comes, we the citizens decides whether you shall be granted another 5. Even if you are successful in luring some defections with the cash you stole from the citizen, you can't live longer than that if we won't let you.

Ask me which party I support? I will tell you I support PKR. Ask me the reason why? I will tell a quote that has been so over quoted it has become anonymous.

"Politicians are like diapers, they both need changing regularly, and for the same reason" .

If Barisan Nasional cannot win the Kuala Terrenganu by election even when they make a big issue over the hudud law, they should be very worried about their position. It seems to me that the only way out for them to win the next general election is to fraud or create even more defections. But rest be assured I will be one among the many who will be voting them out.

P/S: I do not hate PAS, I just happen to be annoyed by their way of doing things. I do not hate Malays either, they can hate me but I don't hate them. How do you think I know what is hudud law, you might learn it through wikipedia, I learnt mine through Malay friend. I thank God in Kuching, Malay and Chinese are friends. We don't have a unity problem, we gave Barisan Nasional 30 over seats in the parliament. Are you the understanding of what I am talking?

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Mathias said...

Being a fellow Kuchingnites-Sarawakian, I totally agree with what you've said,

"I thank God in Kuching, Malay and Chinese are friends. We don't have a unity problem"

Cheers brother.

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