Friday, April 23, 2010


If I've ever told you that I do not care. I was lying. And how could we not be bothered in a world which is so far away from perfect. How could you and I let go of the past if we know it will always be repeated?

I wanted you to be right, right all the way. But how could someone like me who is equally wrong wishes something so naive? We always wanted things our way. But we never bothered, not even for a second, to see others as mirrors which reflect ourselves. Your dirt is my dirt, your sin is my sin. But we're all too quick to judge and too selfish to understand.

A soldier was running from his enemies, when he saw his colleagues that ran even faster and even further than he was, he laughed at them thinking they are cowards. Greater cowards indeed he thought, but was he himself afraid? Not everyone could have turn around and fight, most of us had only succumbed to the temptation of the flesh. We ran as cowards, all of us we ran into it.

At the end of the fight, when all things calmed down for a second. We look back and see what we've done. But it wasn't important anymore. Because people died. Because a piece of our soul was sold to the devil.

At this point of time, we needed no more condemnation. We had already condemned ourselves far before anyone else did. What we needed was redemption......

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