Saturday, April 3, 2010

Philosophically Right

Super Short Talk: It has been long since I talk about politics, but Chua Soi Lek won the MCA election. So we lose.

Philosophy is a real smart and a real stupid thing. We all know a little about philosophy. We all know about the right things of life. The ones about love, the ones about principles, the ones about how to do things. We all know a little, and we almost never do any of them.

It is exciting to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about this and that. About the rights and wrongs. It is exciting just as it is nothing. We all know about feelings and about love. And about the right person, but if the world should wait for the "right person" to tie the knot. Most of us will not be getting a life partner at all. It is philosophically right but to perform it is foolishness.

If tonight you have a bad breakup, and it hurt you so much you cannot sleep. It hurts so much you stare at the walls in your room, waiting, just waiting for the feelings to go. But it never does. If you've lost someone and you miss him or her so much. You went down to the mall and you saw something pretty and the first thing you remember is buying for them. If you have gotten to that stage, you'd at least had one valuable lesson about relationship. In an ideal world, I would tell you that what you feel right now is temporary, in a few months or maybe longer, you would finally have to move on. And forget about it, so what you feel at this moment is purely superficial.

To say that makes me philosophically right. But saying that doesn't help. It is as good as I've said nothing. I know it because I've lived through it. You pay a price for a pretty face like this. A dear price.

I've spent nights, depressing nights staring at empty walls. The worst of it is spending a month in my empty apartment with those negative thoughts and emotions in KL while all my housemates went back to their hometown. And I've not really gotten over it. If this is one of the learning process of life, I'd say it sucks. I'd say some people around me sucks too.

It is true that most things in life, are easier said than done. But I know I have to do them. I know I have to summon a little courage here and there. I know I have to learn to be brave. I know I will need a little support from you. I know I need some friends around me. I know foolishness is to ignore all the trees in the forest for one that is already dead. I know it now, but I am not sure if I can still think like this by tomorrow morning.

I was philosophically right. =)


Chris said...

this pic look great wo..

jaw said...

sometimes instead of doing all sorts and waiting for it to go away, you learn to just let the feeling sit in the corner of you, and life goes on :) ten years down the track, u'll look back and smile!

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