Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a long while since I blogged. That's probably because it's been a long while since I had time to sit down like this. Life is a never ending story, until it really ended. Others will still have their life to continue with. So to talk about life is like watching a hokkien drama that has 900 episodes. We all give up bothering about it half way.

Politics is also a never ending story. After following it for years, you get kinda fed up with the same character. Sometimes you just feel like grouping them together and throw them down the ocean. Both the government and the opposition. They are like these flies flying around your ears. Annoying it is.

It is the World Cup now. And the performance of all the countries in general really make it looks like a World Shit Cup. It seems nothing and no one is so legendary after all.

I've recently learnt how to solve the rubic cube. I can solve one in like 5 minutes now or lesser. The sultan of Brunei decided to divorce his Malaysian wife. I guess people who has too much money are prone to changing wives. It is an absolute understandable but unexcusable mistake.

I have been watching movies. Have been visiting the cinemas quite often. Will be catching Toy Story 3 tomorrow. But I didn't even watched the 1 or 2 before. Not quite a cartoon fan, sometimes we do certain things not to entertain ourselves, but to entertain people around us.

Anyway, furious indian wife slices off husband's penis.

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