Wednesday, June 9, 2010

None Taken

I hesitate a thousand to update my blog because updating facebook status is more fun.

I am currently looking for an internship to do at the end of the year in Kuching or KL, depending on what job is offered. If you are a Barrack Obama and you happen to click on my blog by a terrible mistake, and if you'd like to offer me an INTERNSHIP in the white house. I am happy to accept your offer. If not, work in Najib's office I also don't mind. If not, WORK AS ANWAR'S PERSONAL AIDE ALSO I DON'T MIND. I BELIEVE I WONT GET SODOMIZE. EVEN IF ANWAR WANT TO ALSO I THINK CANNOT, I COULD HAVE EASILY BREAK A FEW OF HIS BONES WITH ONE HAND. HE'S A 60+ YEAR OLD MAN. EVEN A DOG IS NOT AFRAID OF THAT.

So.......... I really hesitate a thousand to update my blog. Recently my emotional has been stable and I don't feel the urge to bring anyone through any emotional crap.

Really, life sucks sometime, but not all the time. Fix it.

And of course, if you get too bored with reading my blog. You can always add me on facebook! And this is not some fans profile. I am not so popular yet. Soon will be but not now. So you can add me on my personal profile straight. How good.

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