Friday, June 25, 2010

Top 10 Andrew Quotes

10) They didn't remember me as someone bad, they didn't forget me for I wasn't average.

9) I didn't mean to hurt you, I only return the amount of hurt you first gave me.

8) I thought we could be friends forever, I guess forever means a very short time.

7) I was afraid you would forget me as time moves on, I realized you didn't. You just didn't care that much anymore, which is worst.

6) Random people who met randomly would most probably end up randomly.

5) I have gotten rid an addiction with a new one, now the only way to ged rid of the new addiction is to go back to the old one.

4) Life is about sex, sex is about life. Both building lives, and ruining lives.

3) If life is like a drama, mine's a comedy and you are the joker.

2) A longer penis doesn't mean a higher stature. It only means you can suck your own cock much easier.

1) Someday I'm gonna be great, and I will pay you a special visit when that day finally comes. Don't worry, I will track you down.

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Anonymous said...

Life is like a drama, God is the director and you is the actor. You can either choose to follow or go against it but it ends up pleased or displeased the director.

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