Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stupid People

Live goes on like it should, the way we wanted it, the way we don't want it to be. It has been a while since I write anything. It's probably been a while since I can settle down with a little bit of sound mind. Being young is being ruthless I should say.

I have to say that blogging had seen it's hayday. But due to the lack of intelligent people around the world, it seems like reading has become a less popular hobby compared to facebook. Today I want to talk about stupid people.

Stupid people are those people that do not understand things. They are the people who spam your chatbox, they are the people that have a very low understanding about anything. They are short sighted, they say what they think, they think what they say, they cannot go beyond a very superficial surface of thinking things. This people are often failures in life and cannot survive without the support of their parents until they are 55 and finally die a meaningless life. That is a stupid person. And there are many of them around us.

Next I would love to talk about my hatered for stupid people. What can I say, stupid people is very irritating. They are like the pest of the world that needs to be destroyed. They must be eliminated before they destroy us. We must educate them, we must elevate their low state of mentality. Their 3rd world mentality, we must save them before they destroy themselves and us together.

Stupid people exist. They are reading this. Forget blogging, go make babies.

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