Monday, October 18, 2010

Judging Sermons

Super Short Talk: I posted this on faccebook note a few moments earlier. Indeed, facebook has taken blogging away. We all have to face that.

This is an unqualified opinion written by a self-proclaimed rabbi and how he thinks that he shall one day be the greatest preacher this nation has ever seen or heard or will ever see again in a long long time. If you're already offended by the first sentence, there is no reason for you to read on for I have nothing to impart on you. Haven you read the scriptures, where Jesus said that we shall do greater things than He did? Of course you read it, but you have problem believing it. And that by far is not your biggest problem yet. Before you go on, it is advisable that take a deep breath and make yourself a cup of coffee, you have to relax. I am not your every day reading material.

When I used to blog actively during the blogging hayday, I was a very inspirational one. Do you know what is more inspirational? Bak Kut Teh. I love Bak Kut Teh and myself have a fine taste for food. While having a conversation with my pastor and elder over Bak Kut Teh last weekend, I've decided to write an article to show the world how much I love food. Quoting from the food critic in 'Ratatouille", he said "I love food, I love it so much if it is not good, I will spit it out of my mouth". I may not yet be the greatest chef ever, cooking the best food, but I've spitted quite a good amount of sermons throughout my years of being a young Christian.

Rule no.1, there is only a good sermon or a bad sermon. Anything between it, is rubbish. You can either be hot or cold but if you are lukewarm, nobody's gonna drink you. But some of you would say, I like it lukewarm. That's because you are not a good food connoiseur and you are far away from being a serious CRITIC! If I happen to attend your church gentleman, trust me, I am the worst congregration you can ever get. There is no balance between law and grace. 99% Grace mixed with 1% Law, Legalism, Old Convenant thoughts, Religious ideas, is rubbish. Whatever is of fear, of insecure or just a long confusing message, is not right. There is no justification for it, you as the preacher must be accursed. And if you're not ready to hold the poupit, perhaps you should join me sitting among the congreation. I don't want to see you cursed, I want to see you blessed!

You don't understand Andrew, in order for you to fully understand the dept of my sermon, you must first understand this this this this this and so on. Well let me ask you a question which you will not be able to answer. When you preach a sermon like that, who on earth is going to get saved? Since anyone who listens to you, have to understand a lot of the bible first before they can receive, perhaps you should share your thoughts in my synagogue among the holies of holies instead to the general public. As a preacher it is your responsibility to break down your sermons to the simplest and practical form ever. So that everyone can receive it. You cannot say your cooking is amazing, when you cook a dish so complicated, people don't even know how to eat it or which part to start eating. If you're a good chef, you cook a dish that everybody enjoys, as simple as that. No justification, go and improve yourself.

As a preacher, and this is my unqualified opinion. You don't owe it to the congreation for a good sermon. You don't owe anybody anything. This is not your battle, you're not the boss in charge. God is, it is His battle, let Him fight it for you. Let Him anoint you, you carry your responsibility and do accordingly to His Word and He will deliver the victory to you. And this is the same in all things. I visit different churches, and if there is a universal truth, I believe that the poupit is so important. That a church, the management and whoever in charge should NEVER just let anybody preach on the stage. Being generous is one thing, being stupid is another. If I'd let other random preacher feed my sheep poison, I bear the responsibility for killing them.

My pastor share with me also a story about a mega church in Singapore, I will tell it plainly. I believe it was Copeland ministry which were invited to speak in New Creation Church. A seminar it was, in this Seminar, Copeland ministry, clearly from the word of Faith circle made a mistake while preaching on the 2nd night. They were talking about love, and focused the whole idea of love being that we must love God. It is we, us, we and us and nothing else. It is clearly imbalanced. It's like trying to talk about sex and focus the whole idea into self-masturbation. Which is wrong. Sex is not like that. So on the next day, Sunday, the pastor of New Creation Church in charge changed his sermon immediately, and explain to the congreation the right concept about love in the bible, focusing back to God, that God is love and that it is Him who first loved us, therefore we are empowered to love Him back and so as others. It doesn't matter if it was the Copeland ministry. A bad dish is a bad dish.

I do not write to condemn, I write for people to hate me. And if in all the hatered towards all the offensive sentences that I have used. If you would grab only one truth or a simple right thing in my thousand words long article. My job is completed. From your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi, Andrew Ho.

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