Monday, August 16, 2010


There is a saying that the wants of men is an unending journey. Once you had acheived what you wanted, there is always a feeling of emptiness inside. A vacumm that voids your heart. And then you'll want to start it all over again. We always wanted more, we always wanted to know what's next, and we don't know when to stop. Perhaps we shouldn't stop.

But a sane man would stop once in for a while, and think about what he has done all over the years. About the things he has done to others so as himself. And pounder for a long long time.

I just got back to kuching after first year of University. Frankly speaking I don't miss home that much. Not the places, places are just places. Without the people and the company, places have really very insignificant meaning. Sometimes it's just sad to visit an old street you used to walk on a lot. If you know what I mean, nostalgia does not always give the best feeling.

Moving back can be very difficult once a person has moved on. Even if it were a better choice, it is still difficult. I think the human nature has the tendency to move forward in almost all the things they do. We don't usually like to look back. We probably don't like to remember, the mind, in some sense are made to forget things. The best therapy ever is to simply forget things.

A year in University had given me much experience in dealing with people. I can say that I've grown up a little more. I've never felt time pass so fast in my life. In a twinkling of an eye, I had neglected blogging for a year. Not that it is very important, I'm just mentioning.

When I close my eyes in the night, and I think about all the possibilities of my future. None of them really fancy me. And we all most probably ended up with the question "why? why my father is not Li Ka Shing, I want an easy life that requires less thinking!" And I really don't know what to expect. But I know, someday, somehow I'm going to make all these worthwhile. I don't know how, I just know I will.

May you feel the same too =)

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I like this paragraph started with "...Moving back can be very difficult once a person has moved on..."

I guess no point pondering too much, or questioning too much. The best we can do to our loved ones and ourselves is to keep on moving forward. Rgds.

Su Ee said...

Like this post, very meaningful...

Anonymous said...

Thanks lord the you're a child of His.

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