Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To be wise

Note: This post is purely literature and is not intended to attack any person

Today I want to talk about something very abstract. Yet as abstract as it is, it is very true in our lives. The topic is, stupidity has no cure. Some people screw things up in your life. Sometimes it is bad and it makes you unhappy. Do you know why? Because stupidity has no cure.

You try to help these people. You think they could be helped. But no, the more you try to help them, the more trouble they give you. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

These people lay on their bed at night, thinking about their little dreams. On how they want to get more for themselves. How they want to achieve more for themselves. More money, more glory, more people to admire their little achievement. These people are full of themselves and care little about others. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

Selfishness is the first trait you will find in them. They neither think nor care about anything else besides them. They would sacrifice you for their convenience. Even if they don't want to, they would still do it. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

You get angry at those people. But I would tell you my dear, don't get too angry. It is not good for you. There is no reason to get angry at a stone being hard or the sky being blue. Because stone is naturally hard and the sky were painted blue since the beginning of creation. Likewise there is no need to get angry at those people. Do you know why?

People who refuse to think about the big picture is a fool. It is like getting a girlfriend and all you could think about is having sex, a lot of sex with her. You don't think about the future. You don't think about the next 3 years. You think now. You think this moment. You don't foresee, you don't plan. You don't hold responsibility. You are a real fool.

So how do a person becomes wise? Ironically and I would say it is a big irony. It starts from someone realizing how wrong he is. It starts from someone admitting what a fool he is. It is difficult, but let me be the first one to admit, that many times, I am the biggest fool in my life.

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Very revealing entry!! Keep it up =)

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