Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Kind of Proverbs

The inability to learn from the past is the very definition of stupidity. Repeating the same mistake twice is understandable but unexcusable. This is the reason why people fail again and again in different aspects and areas of life.

We have heard probably a thousand times, if we fail to plan we plan to fail. It doesn't necessary mean if we don't plan we will fail. It simply means we are letting the enviroment takes control over us rather than we controling our enviroment. We are not taking chances, we let chances pick us. And most of the time, it's not going to end up well. Because chances hate you.

Goal setting is meaningless if not carried out. Carrying out a plan to acheive a goal is useless unless there is dicipline and consistency. Dicipline and consistency is by far the hardest thing to keep. The human mind is simply not design to keep a set of rules and laws.

A person easily influenced is useless. There is no need to set goals or resolutions. A wavering mind can acheive nothing. Before anything is done he will give up to try other things.

The lack of wisdom is dangerous. The lack of knowledge is equally bad. There is no need to strive, for such, giving up is the wisest and easiest thing to do.

A person who thinks shortly will see little acheivement. We should fear the ones who can see the whole picture. The end is more important than the process. It doesn't matter how you take a poison, you'll still die. So don't, do not be deceived, cease while you can.

A person who sees moral of little value shall in time lower the value of himself. This is the mark of prostitutes. There is no difference between a person who prostitute herself than the person who visits the brothels. They are considered equal. There is no need to pay respect for such. It is a waste of life.

When a person tries to justifies his wrong doings, it shows that he is ashamed of what he does. Do not pity such a person. Let right be right and wrong be wrong. There is no need to compromise truth for deception.

If a person wishes to do evil, advise him against it. But if he insist, let him. For in due time, his wrong doings shall consume himself. Stand still and watch, it will be soon.

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Takaloy said...

what about a person who is consistent in his inability to learn from the past ? ;P (1st and 3rd)

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