Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is Good

I learnt a few things while growing up. For example when people are in a bad mood, the best way to deal with them is to leave'em alone. Because an angry person don't think logically. A person who thinks by logic at all time is perfect, but sadly these people don't exist.

I also learnt to relax and let go of people and things. Although it is not the easiest thing to do, sometimes we don't really have a choice. Look at the world, look how many people lives with us here. Imagine how complicated it is. People and things change, they change every now and then. If we are too stuborn and we don't know how to deal with it, the only person that is going to end up getting hurt is you.

I also learnt that people do come back together. Not all things are bad. Don't think to the negative extreme. I've seen broken friendship mended. I too have forgiven many that angered me at once. Although I do not think that it is all their fault to begin with (wink*), but yes, forgiveness is the next sweetest thing beside honey.

Being young gives you plenty opportunities to learn. It also gives you plenty opportunities to give up and to fail. I admit in some things, I've failed. I've failed so terribly it doesn't make sense. I've also given up. I don't see it as an absolute bad thing though, sometimes giving up is the easiest solution to our problems. I may give up in some things, but no, I never said we should give up on life. No one should. Because life is good when you believe it is good.

There are also things I have not learn in life. I hear people say in every end is a new beggining. What if I see an end and yet not know where is my next destination? Well, I guess I'll just have to find it out myself. Perhaps it is out there, perhaps it is waiting for me. I just haven realize it yet.

I've also not learn how to control myself well, I have not learn how not to step foot into sinking sand or the world of which I don't belong. But I am learning. And I believe it will turn out good. Because life is good when you believe it is good.....


Chris said...

Evrybody Everyday is a learning process..

SamuelGoh said...

its true, its very important to learn to let go, otherwise the person who end up getting hurt is urself. its easy to say, but very hard to go though!

inspirational post!

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