Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sodomy II

At last the long awaited sequel to Malaysia's proud and the best production ever is released worldwide yesterday. It is of course non other than "Sodomy II" staring one of my favourite actor Anwar Ibrahim. (I AM A BIG FAN!)

Before you start throwing stones at me, there is nothing to be worried about. I am just an observer, and I quote from Malaysiakini "Among those in court were representatives of Japan, UK, Switzerland and the United States.

Also present were International Committee of Jurists and Commonwealth Lawyers Association representative Mark Tromwell, and the International Bar Association's Jennifer Robinson. There are acting as observers during the trial."

A cold open in a television program or movie is the technique of jumping directly into a story at the beginning or opening of the show, before the title sequence or opening credits are shown. On television this is often done on the theory that involving the audience in the plot as soon as possible will reduce the likelihood of their switching away from a show.

And that was exactly what I was expecting in Sodomy II, but a cold open is not easy to make. Most people doesn't understand performing arts. Especially Malaysians. We only know how to eat, sleep and complain. Nevertheless, when I read the headline "Anwar seeks to subpoena Najib and Rosmah", I knew, he (Anwar) did it again.

On a more serious note, I have all the time in the world to see how this trial works out. And I will be the among many who is privilege to witness how the democracy in Malaysia will live, or how it will die. Anyway, definitely before I close, it is always my pleasure to leave my highly sought after and valued opinion. My comment is no, I don't think Najib and wife will go to the court to testify. The judge will likely dismiss the application base on some altered logic.

Back to my life, I have been playing dota over the long weekend. Peer preasure. Not that I'm addicted to games. I hardly play any games. For any boys my age, most of them are not interested in Anwar's sodomy trial, the only sodomy they're watching is porn. And those who does read the news and care to know the hapenings around them, don't play so much games. Life itself is already a big game to play. And I hardly scored any recently. No pun intended.

I am going back to Kuching for Chinese New Year next Saturday . For most people that complain coming to study in KL, my uni life is not so bad. Got some nice friends to play with and my area sells good food. PORK is widely available. Anyway hometown is hometown, you gotta go back there some day. Even Chin Peng wants to come back. But die la him, I don't really care for communist. BAM! Bye!

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