Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's not a date, it's an apointment

Contrary to popular belief, I do not get to eat a lot of good food in KL. Thanks to my housemates that are less food conscious and hyper body conscious, if there's one thing they would share with me eating, it will most probably be some universal protein shake or super mass gainer. Their supplement alone cost more than my monthly allowance. And they speak Indonesian. Which in time makes me understand and speak more Indonesian. Still, I have to confess that I like Indonesian more than bahasa Malaysia. I don't know why, theirs' just sound nicer. Of course, you can also attribute that love hate relationship to the government because I really do not favor them. Even in footballs, if one team won for the past 50 years, you would root for the underdogs.

Yes I am back in Kuching for the Chinese New Year. I would be here until Sunday. My last coming back to Kuching during last December for Christmas was great, coming back for Chinese New Year on the other hand is different. I can't help but to feel a little bit bored with the occasion. I know, coming back from a bigger city like KL to Kuching sometimes makes everything feel a little bit slower. But I don't think it's really the problem with the city. Shhh...... don't tell anyone, but yeah, I'm practically just feeling bored because I didn't have a date this week. No. None. I might be happier I guess if I were in somewhere else. Like Jakarta in a city of 9 million. Indon facebook is in a way different from Malaysian facebook.

This is how Indon facebook works for teens, because of the 10 times larger population compared to Malaysia, if you have a nice or over-photoshoped or fake profile picture, everyday there will be 4, 5 , or 6 people adding you as friend. So what you do is look at their picture, if you like it, approve their request, and then go to their wall and ask "mind to intro?" Then try hooking up and ask them out. So yeah, my friends would have 1000-2000 friends on facebook.

Malaysian facebook? Because of the little population there is, divided some more in different states. So in Kuching with 600,000 people. I get 0 friend request on a normal day. And those that added me are mostly................. you see, the larger the population, the higher the chances of getting a pretty lad. This is why you see there are so many sexy looking Chinese hookers in and around everywhere. And the Malaysian population, my god.......

Of course, beauty is just skin deep. But if you see my blog, it's not very deep also la. I am a very regular person. I shit everyday. Most of the time I talk shit. On rare occasion I talk sense. Because life is difficult enough, you take it a little more seriously than it already is, you'll die. A day without laughter is a day wasted. I don't care how rich or poor or how talented or how many business degrees you have. We gotta learn somehow to make our day a little happier because that's the way it should be. For me, I blog. It's therapeutic. For you, you read my blog, it's equally good or bad. Take it either way.

I am sorry I don't get to blog "properly" for such a long time. You know this thing about everybody has a life, life get busy, busy got busier and suddenly nobody has time for others anymore. People somehow grew up and just got sucked into a whirlwind of other interests and commitments. But it'll be great, for us, no matter how distracted we are with everything else and just sometimes get "in touch" back with the world. I am the king of getting in touch, I really am. Most people I know, they aren't pro-active in keeping in touch. Or should I say, Malaysian in general has a huge lack of initiatives (unless it can get them laid). If I don't call them, they never really call first. Which is why most people, by the time they reach 29, they have lost touch with so many of their friends. Sacrificing their youth and spilling their seeds for the so called love of their life that soon will be the worst nightmare and a catalyst of their mid-life crisis. Behold when you're old and saggy, I shall come back and laugh at you. Muahahahahaha.

Ahh, nahh, I just say that because I didn't get a date. Which is really disappointing. Not with myself, I'm great, if this goes on, I will have to settle with the "beauty is just skin deep, get a partner with inner beauty theory", which is irrelevant, and hypocritical. And my computer is infected with virus. So yeah, keep standing baby. Life doesn't end today, we'll keep standing until we see the light. Bye ya! ^^

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Ling said... 29 old? oh best not tell you my age then! LOL.
as for yr friends facebook dating ideas - FAIL! LOL
but yeah, blogging is therapeutic - I AGREE!

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