Monday, May 17, 2010

Keep Breathing

There isn't a lot I have to say recently. And the reason I am updating today is of course, DAP wins! Politics is like sports, you pick your team and you support them. If you pick rightly, it benefits you. If you don't, you get screwed.

I like to put words in simple form. So that those who read it can understand. Even if it were a very complicated thought. Life is difficult enough, other things should be made easier.

If you'd walk with me for a while. Over a cup of coffee and read the things I have to say. You'd know at the end of the day I had wanted nothing from you. I just wanted to chat and get a few things across my mind.

If we look around us, we wont so much see a world full of love. At least that's what I think. People are always getting angry with people. Trying to find problems. Trust is not common, even among friends there lies doubts.

In these darkness we all try to shine, we all try to burn a little brighter. Channeling a little more positive energy. We all try to smile a bit, when really smiling can be a difficult thing to do. So we're cool.

Being pessimistic is not a way of life. But if you're going through a hard time now. Do not feel depress. You are just as normal as anyone else. Keep breathing. Just keep breathing. There are times I know when it is hard to breath. But if we don't keep doing so, we had chosen to give up before we fail.

So keep breathing.

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