Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Book That Sells You Privilege!

Super Update: I won a little prize (2nd) for this. Not much, but good it's better than none. =D

Think Kuching is a laid back city? Think again with

'My Privilege book 2009'

I am not so much of a reader, but I would like to show support for Kuching's first of its kind 'Privilege book'. As much as the name of the book may sound cheesy, it is actually a book crafted to provide consumers a smart guide to dining, retain, entertainment and services in Kuching city. To top up that, the book comes with a privilege card and coupons that entitle you for discounts at many participating outlets.

Born and breed in Kuching, I will not hesitate to tell you that there is little in this city that could come close in surprising me. But when this book listed out 124 participating merchants in town, I was quite impressed,esspecialy by the 54 dining outlets listed on the guide. I am not so worried about where to get my car fixed or where to get a haircut, but when it comes to dining area, it has always been a headache. When was the last time you sat in your friend's car and went like "where should we eat?" , "I don't know", "what you want to eat?", "I also don't know", "Aikz, go Siang Siang lah!". If this happens to you like it happen to me all the time, you will probably need a guide. More than that this one comes with discount privileges.

Besides, whenever you have friends visiting Kuching, this book can always serve you well as a tourist guide. Bring your friends to places you never thought existed. In addition you can also show any non-local this book, and for the first and the last time,tell them that Kuching is a rumbling city and people here do not live on trees (anymore).

For these, I would recommend everyone to check this book out at these details:

My Privilege Book 2009 launching is on 12.12.2008 (Friday)
The Spring (12-14 December)
Crown Square ( 12-24 December)
Boulevard ( 27-29 December)

You can also get more information about the book at

If I were given this book, I guess it could be a great Christmas gift that would make me go like...

I am happily overweight

Have a nice day.

* This post is written in participation of a contest jointly organized by "Kuching Bloggers". If you would like to join, you can refer here for information. Be quick because contest date is:

28 November-8 December 2008
( Winners Will be announced on the 10th of Dec)
Winners to pick up their book at their roadshow in Spring.


Anonymous said...

Yea... Siang siang has Kolo mee mah... 24-hour ma... So nice... lol

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! Wow! U can write a book!!! Really respect! I have trouble writing even a page!
Hemmm! I remember long long time ago got a blogger also call 'Andrew Ho', quite a funny fellow, so I wander if u r that fellow??? Pardon me if I mass u up with somebody else.
Oh! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!

Andrew Ho said...

I am the same fellow la.....where got long long time ago,I took a 18 month break only. Jay Chou also one year release one album only la

Eel Wind said...

Ehm...Never been to East Malaysia before...though airAsia is quite cheap now. hoho. Kuching is a nice place, but I think I prefer places like Miri. :)

Anonymous said...

Miri?? Y? Banyak minyak asli??

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