Thursday, November 27, 2008

Virgin Post

Hello World,

I have decided to start writing in to my weblog earlier than what I had suggested. And I really have to admit that a one and a half year absence from writing has made me lose touch a little. So here it is the new home for my postings, the last time when I design a blog, it took me weeks to get things done, but now with all the blogspot layout features, all I spent was an evening.

One of my friend says he likes the flag on my heading, I have to give credit though to Khairy Jammaludin, the Havard law graduate who married my lame duck prime misters' daughter. I actually took the flag image right from his blog. You have no idea how beautiful are the blogs of our ministers. And it all sprouted right after the 08 General Election. It's funny these ministers think that they lost big in the election because of blogging and the internet. You did not lose because of the internet duck, you lost because you are a duck. You get it? You are a duck. Duckass!

You never know what's under the water

There are a lot about politics that I want to say, just as there are many literatures and philosophies I want to share.I don't even know where to start or how to label my posts yet, we'll see how it goes. As I venture into this new blog, I have decided to theme it 'Personal', I figured out that no matter how hard I try blogging for the sake of readership, I will never get close enough to become a Hollywood or Hong Kong Star.

I upgraded myself from Hong Kong to Hollywood actor after I did this, yes I appeared for 3.8 seconds in Batman The Dark Knight

So I would rather use this weblog as a channel to express myself at the same time reach out to my friends and loved ones.Of course, if you are a stranger and you enjoy reading me,you are always welcome to explore my body.

So here now you are with me in The Andrew Ho Weblog, update is at least weekly, feel free to come and trash me anytime you feel like it. Have a nice day.


Su Ee said...

Hey.. what's with the picture there lah =_=

zewt said...

hey... welcome back to blogosphere. you dont need to become a HK superstar to be famous lah. i am sure you're famous in your amongst your friends already. i can tell.

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