Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Hello everybody, my name is Andrew Ho. I am 20 years old this year. WHAT THE FUCK!? I AM 20 YEARS OLD? NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SATAN! DIDN'T WE MAKE A DEAL, I SELL YOU MY SOUL AND 20% COPYRIGHT OF THIS BLOG AND YOU PROMISED I WILL NEVER AGE! YOU FUCKING LIAR!

I can't believe it. Two and a half years back, if I rape a girl, the news will report "Kuching- A Teenage boy raped a girl" and I get to be trialed in the juvenile court. But now, if I did the same thing, The Stars will say "Kuching- A 20 year old man rape a girl". And I will go to jail for the rest of my life. This isn't what it is supposed to be. I was suppose to sit at home, blog everyday and spam But now I can do neither because I need to grow up. This makes no sense. God, why did you created me to endure this world. Look at this world, there are so many freaking gay people that think I am a freak to think they are freaks. This is a messed up earth. To top up that why does my age has to start with the number 2?

But wait a minute, I know why............ that's because

A UNIVERSITI Sains Islam Malaysia lecturer who passed only four out of 157 of her law students claims she was forced to resign so that the university could protect its reputation, Kosmo! reported.

Nor (not her real name) said the reason she left was because she could not stand the pressure from the university management on her to give “sympathy marks.”

“How am I to give extra marks if the marks they got is what they should be getting?” she said, adding that her downfall started when she received a show-cause letter on why so many students had failed.

She was then criticised by her superiors, who also wanted her to add marks based on attendance so as to reduce the number of failures.

“I stood my ground. How could I give them marks for that when it is their responsibility to show up for classes?” she added.

The university declined to comment.

Why should I be upset about anything? This is a messed up world to begin with. Honest people get fired, lousy people graduate, rich people get richer and handsome people grow old. This is what it is supposed to be!

I was supposed to be the guy singing this song. We made a deal Satan, I sell you my soul and you make me a celebrity. You liar. Happy Birthday To Me.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, funny as usual :D
happy birthday handsome guy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Andrew

pilocarpine said...

hapi bday...

Anonymous said...

ang gu gu, you so cute, let me cubik your face...happy birthday boy

Andrew Ho said...

why is everybody anonymous...... =_+

Tangy said...

Happy bday =D

Lady Chuckles said...

Happy birthday!
You're not old, though :)

zewt said...

happy belated!

~dolly~ said...

happy belated bday~

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