Monday, April 13, 2009

We Are The Reason You Live

Super Short Talk: I was very happy Syed Hamid is out of the cabinet as Homes Minister. I cannot stand hearing him saying stupid things all the time about ISA and all that. By the way Homes Minister is not a minister in charge of your housing development, the 'Homes' here kinda refer to Malaysia as the 'Home', it's an important post. And also the Datuk Strawberry Cheek, glad to see that he was demoted to a less important post. That is what you get for debating with Anwar. You don't debate with Anwar, he is king. He can lie and people still love him. Khairy is not in the cabinet at all, very happy gleeeeee.

If you are wondering why do I bother about politics. That's probably because I am growing up to be a man. And all men know their politics. You cannot call yourself a man if you don't know politics. Neither are you allowed to carry the man ego, or better known as the 'mango' (I just made it up XD). If some of you don't know how our Malaysian System works, what is the parliament and the cabinet, why is it so important to have the right government. I might just explain it to you next time. Or you can go to Form 6, they teach you.

So the by-election is over. And the opposition did fairly well winning 2 out of 3. Last year when BN lost its two third majority in the parliament, I remember BN saying that "this may be a blessing in disguise" as reported in the news. This time, as I read again, Koh Tsu Khoon once again said "this may be a blessing in disguise, for us to strengthen ourselves."

I just hope with all my heart, mind and soul that they will lose it all in the next general election and FINALLY come out to say "oh f@#ck, that's it! We are so f@cked, I have had it! We are majorly f@#cked, f@#ck, f@#ck, f@#ck, f@ck, f@#ck!"

However SARAWAK, The Land of The Hornybills, Asia's best kept secret, once again delivered a victory to BARISAN NASIONAL! (Insert sound of people shouting at the top of their lungs and clapping at this sentence) And then this:

Finally! We did it again! We the poor Sarawakian living in caves and trees, riding our horses and chariots around jungles and have to mengayuh our sampan for 3 and a half months if we want to go to Kuala Lumpur, a land we heard has aeroplanes! We supported BN! Gave them a whooping 32 seats in the parliament and now another victory. We are the reason BN survived! And what we get in return is more jungles, 5 packs of cement and more hornybills!

Look at us, we are the reason you live. You know what I am going to do, I am going to leave a comment in Najib's blog, asking him to move KL Tower and KLCC to Kuching. They don't need those towers, what they need is a punishment for not supporting your party, after all you are the federal government.

Proposed Kuching 2010

I also want Midvalley megamall, you can keep The Gardens, but Midvalley is mine and I will put it right opposite my house and build a highway from there right to the chief ministers' house, for our convenience when we want to meet up, hang out and chill out while celebrating the victory we deliver to the hands of (insert anything you want here).

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go brush up my horse now. She hasn't been eating ever since the by election.


pilocarpine said...

just build a new one there...
moving is just oh so tedious and leaving an empty space in KL might just accumulate lumpur...

Choonie said...

I like this article. Damn funny. hahaha... Tell Najib, I want the Komuter, LRT, train etc to be moved here too. I am lazy to ride my horse and he is moving faster enough.

nonameisgood said...

eh, I need new ladders to climb back up to my tree house.

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