Friday, April 3, 2009

Save The Chicken, Save The World

To start off today's crap, I was snapping my finger this morning when a mosquito flew by. Unwisely the mosquito flew in between my thumb and finger so it died literally in a snap.

Now the picture don't have to be that disgusting if you would think like me "I eat chicken everyday, I eat chicken everyday, I don't have to sympathize insects". Once you get that in your head, come to me and I'll teach you the next level called "I can step on ants". With all due respect to religion, I think cutting your own meat to feed an eagle is stupid, and I think eating vegetables for the sake of not killing animals is equally insane. I'll support ya if you say eat more vegetables is to good health, but eat more vegetables to preserve animals is like buying a Proton to preserve Porches. It doesn't make sense. Chicken is poultry, you don't save them, they just don't contribute to earth.

I like how gelato looks like when they are in the fridge. You can't make ice more appealing then making them look like lava flowing out of a volcano.

And I'll actually like it more if they don't charge me Rm8.90 for a cup.

Talking about what I like, I have to give Klang's bak kut teh two tumbs up. And when I say Klang, I mean the real place. Not some "Klang's Bak Kut Teh" you get in Johor or Kuching. If you want something at its best, you got to dig to its origin.

Now you see

Now you don't. It's the only magic I can perform. Finish up food unbelievably fast.

I am not so much a fanatic blogger that I would bring a camera and take pictures wherever I go. I don't do that because you lose class and it's annoying to people around you when you do that too often. "Oh that's my coffee, let's snap a picture, oh that's your coffee, let's snap a picture too, oh look at his coffee, let's take a picture again!" So there was this time, I was eating this super dark coloured Hokkien Mee and it didn't occur to me that it is interesting until half-way. So I snapped a picture of it. And it looked exactly.... a very scary plate of worms.

Oh and before I forget...... with the power vested upon me by the constitution of Malaysia, I would like to pronounce Datuk Seri Najib our New Prime Minister!

Deng Deng Deng.....goldfish


mL said...

Oh my my my Andrew,
The last pic makes me want to puke!!! yucksssss.

Wayne Teh (Right) said...

Yup, Klang's bak kut teh is the best. Because I grew up there. Which shop did you went to? Maybe I know.

Andrew Ho said...

I went to the one near the Komuter station. I can't remember it was Seng Huat or what Huat already. Heard it is a popular one.

Su Ee said...

I only tried Klang's bak kut teh once i think... *drooling*

Melissa said...

I am from SG and I do not know where Andrew's from. Can you tell me where this Klang's bak kut teh is? Is it in KL? I remember reading about this place several times in diff blogs.

Anonymous said...

It is near KL, in Selangor actually,but u can take a taxi to Klang in KL because KL & Selangor is not far from each other.If you take a komuter in KL Sentral, you can see a drop off station with the name "Klang". Andrew is from Kuching,same place where kennysia lives. Kuching is in East Malaysia. East Malaysia is across the south china sea, right opposite singapore, it consists of 2 huge states that is Sabah and Sarawak. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. Sarawak is the biggest island in the world known as Borneo island.

Melissa said...

Thanks Anonymous. I will be going to KL soon and if I have the time, I hope to visit this so famous bak kut teh place that many ppl raved about.

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