Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Prove A Point

Bad words are words that are very bad. We should all learn not to say it. Or even better, we should not learn bad words at all. Almost every language and dialects has their own bad words. Those words are usually connected to genitals of man and woman. Many times, they are also associated with sexual acts between both sexes. Bad words is a foul expression. It is usually used when someone is angry, or when he feels that it is funny using those words.

In Malaysia and Singapore, one of the most common foul language among Chinese is cibai. It brings a crude meaning of the female's genital. This word is very so common it is recognised. Saying bad words is very bad because it degrades our values and brings down our image or reputation. Although some of you like me has no reputation or image, we should also avoid using bad words. Because when you do that, some people are sensitive and it will hurt them.

Using bad words also show that we are not well educated, or we do not have moral values. Saying bad words also show that we cannot express correctly or in other words, we cannot find better words to project our mind but to use bad words. That is mainly because bad words can be versatile at times. For example: cibai can be used as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb.In noun, despite of saying the correct terms for the female genital, crude and bad people just use cibai. In adjective, despite of saying a person is disgusting or ugly, they say, cibai bin. As for the verb and adverb use of cibai, me and my co-wokers from the linguistic department of Fukkien University is still studying the various possible aspects. It is rumoured that the result of our study is highly classified under the Chinese goverment secrecy act. That is very very bad.

From my experience, saying bad words does comes in as a good joke while conversing with people or writing an article. For example using the word Fuck. But the downside is that, most people are very intrigued when you use that word. Like most religious people and also those that think they come from a good family. So the conclusion is, we should all try to avoid using bad words, because it is really bad. And whatever the situation, we should always try not to use the F word. Even when you can make a very good sentence with it. Like: Fuck you, I don't give a damn Fuck to your Fucking problem because you had caused me so much trouble with your Fucked up brain. Now this is very bad. We should all instead be polite and gentle and tell people properly. Like: I'm sorry, you have caused me a lot of problem with your problem. I am starting to get angry. See, isn't this better? My point is . . . . . .

I forgot what my point is. And I know you are mad, here let me help you. . . . .

I know this might not be a very good post to say this. But I think if you like me, you should share my blog to all your friends. I believe there must be more reason why people like to read me besides my charm. Somewhere in me, there must be a hard solid talent ............ somewhere deep down in my pants.

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ching said...

I read you for your sarcasm. So hard to find. Anyway, been a silent reader but HAVE to comment on this post. Coz I just said something like 'who actually thinks "fuck" is a bad word and capable of hurting ppl's feelings nowadays, duh!' in my blog and then came here to your see first paragraph and it felt like i was being reprimanded by a nun. *sweat*

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