Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bonus Post

Super Short Talk: This is a Bonus Post. It is neither scheduled, inspired, expected, planned nor important.

Recently 2 of my used to be skinny friends had decided to put on some muscular weight and they both succeeded in it. Their action had collapsed my world because I had always thought all this weight gaining or losing thing is just fiction.

2 days ago, when meeting another friend who was supposed to be at my weight, 82 KG, had slimmed down to 67KG. Losing 15 KG over a period of time. His action has once again collapsed my world.

Thus in the month of May, I have decided to join in the new cool, engaging the superficial side of me and lose a target of 5 KG. I plan to achieve that by burning all my pocket money and ask my mum not to cook anymore.

As of the 1st of May, I consumed a packet of Rm5 Economy Fast Food bought from Zhang Dong Liang's mother (Eh you Kuching people know his mother sell fast food in Tabuan right?) KFC Dinner Plate, Kueh Chap for supper, slept for 10 hours and watched desperate housewives. So my 1st day basically FAILED.


casey said...

Try posting 3 entries per day, good quality entries.. consist of ways and methods to get rid of extra kilos, scheduling writing during breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I reckon you'll be your own realistic testimonial :)

Su Ee said...

Hey Andrew, try google HIIT (high intensive interval training).

Andrew Ho said...

Didn't even know such things exist.

Jeffrey said...

lol. You mean Tabuan Jaya ?? Didn't know that.. far my weight have been constant. =l

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