Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Love We Lived

Whenever I make a new purchase, like a hand phone, I will usually like it very much and take extra care for it during my first week of ownership. But as time passes, naturally I become more hasty with it, and certainly, wouldn't love it as much anymore. I will start to throw it around, leave it all around the place, and put it in the same pocket with my keys. And for the same reason, throughout high school, I was never involve in any serious relationship. Although there were plenty of my friends who were engaged, I were among the few that didn't carry much gossip for others to talk about.

This is the block I used to study in high school, after it got burnt down 3 years ago

Well that's because you are fat and ugly Andrew, so nobody likes you. No, fortunately that's not true, I have always been charming all my life, no matter how fat I was or am. I have never been ugly before. It's a deal I made with God before I came to earth. If I remember right in my dream, the exact words from me were "You can take anything away from me, but I got to be pretty all the time, like that freaking angel over there, do we have a deal".

Jokes aside, I knew that a high school relationship will never end up anywhere. I don't even know where I got that kind of idea, but the norm is you're gonna break up anyway someday if you fall in love at 16. The feeling of love at 16 is not really love at all. It's a mixture of lust, curiosity, penis, breast, butts, a tingling sensation under the skin, an animal instinct, a longing to touch and be touched and 220 episodes of Taiwanese idol series. It's crazy. And such craziness make people does stupid things. I know it, and I know you know it, because we have all lived it.

my favourite spot to make love

The hardest part of growing up is to realise how stupid we were before.

Well Andrew, you know what they say? "It's better to love than not to love at all".

I always think it is important to see and read things properly before we believe it. I would have taken an hour long to do a physics question or to solve a chemistry equation. But things like these. Let me show you a classic example. Half of the world jumble up "Success" and "Happiness". You ask them, what does it mean to be successful. They will give you answers like "I think people who are successful, are people that are really happy inside, not just material things that they have".

Dude, when people ask you, how successful you are, you don't tell them happiness. You show them your bank account. You show them your achievement. You tell them that you fought the war in Iraq, you show them things. Because success is about achievement. And success has nothing to do with happiness. People who are successful can be miserable. It has got nothing to do with happiness. Happiness and Success are 2 different things. Happiness is an abstract feeling and a lot harder to define. Mix them up and you get confused. The basis to understanding is definition.

It's better to love than not to love at all. Yeah, it really is. It's better to love people than to hate people. Wait a minute, owh............. so we thought the "love" here means the kind of love, the romantic kind of love. No way, why can't the love here be more general since the quote is anonymous. Okay, fine, assuming that the love here means love that can potentially leads to sex. The kind of love we all enjoy. Not like the kind of love Jesus ask us to have towards annoying people. Yeah, okay fine, but what age? You want me to f@#king tell my 14 year old daughter that "it's better to love (that can potentially leads to sex) than not to love (that can potentially leads to sex) at all". Go f@#k yourself.

So what am I saying? Don't date, don't make girlfriends, don't make boyfriends in high school? Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. If life can be so black and white. Then what's the point of living it? This is exactly why people like to put "it's complicated" on facebook. Because it really is.

My classroom, this is what happens when you break up with me

So a conclusion? Just try to keep your hymen intact for as long as you can.

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