Sunday, May 3, 2009

F@#K Mee

Super update: 4th of May is the first day KLCI index rose to above 1000 point since the economic crisis started.

While flipping the travel magazine on board Air Asia, I saw this exact advertisement, Canton-i Wanton Mee. I was instantly attracted by the picture and decided that I must either eat it or die trying. So I paid a visit to Canton-i in The Gardens. Oh hail the power of advertising.

My dim sum came briefly after the order, and it didn't disappoint much.

Egg Yolk Layer Cake Rm6

Still I was expecting the Wanton Mee more, because the advertisement was just too pretty. And then the magic happened as my Rm12 wanton noodle finally arrived.

Deng Deng Deng Deng~~~!

This is the separation between dreams and reality. And the reason why people hate Chinese.

On another hand, I paid a visit to Mr Ho's fine food recently. I heard the food there are nice and expensive.

Rm30 mix grill

Having eaten them, I think they are just expensive. I still like Taiwan Sausages more than Western Sausages. Or maybe it's just me being racist. But I think everyone should have the right to be picky on the sausages they put in their mouth.

Starbucks Kopi decided to open itself 4 minutes drive away from my house. Although this kind of shop does not go very well with my motto "live free or cheap", I just had to pay it a visit. Kuching people has this serious fetish towards newly open shop. Nomatter what it is, tell us it's new in town and WE WILL BE THERE.

The Rm15 curse

The Rm7 curse

My brother related with me once how his lecturer asked the class "what does Starbucks sell?" A student said "Kopi", the other said "very expensive Kopi". And the lecturer said all of them were incorrect. Because the only thing that Starbucks sell .................. is lifestyle.


Wayne Teh said...

Hey is that Chocolate Cream Chip with whip cream?

Andrew Ho said...

no that is custom made, double expresso mixed with skim milk,two teasppon mocha powder, ice blended with pistacho nut,chestnut,groundnut and oreo, topping whiped with chocolate sauce and a pinch of cinammon powder. Absolutely decaf.

Choonie said...

I burn my pocket once at the Starbuck, Airport. Once bitten, twice shy! hahaha....

Magnild World said...

I agree with you - but I still enjoy the environment and coffee there. Usually I will spend few hour there once I order a beverages....Hahaha. Value for the RM15 I spend.

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