Friday, May 22, 2009

The All About Me Page

Super Update: I have just pasted a youtube video at the end of this post. Zambry won in the court of appeal and I am tired of such political news.

People say as you grow older, you start to learn more about yourself and shape up your own personality and character. This is what I have learnt about myself so far. My doctor recommended me to write it out. He says it will help me progress to become a more mentally sound person. As I started writing, it became super damn long.

My non-photoshopped face looks roughly like this, double eyelids

Name: People call me Andrew but it is not my real/official name. My registered name in my Identity Card and Birth Certificate is Ho Yong Zhou. Andrew is the name my father called me since I was 4 years old, and then somehow it became my name. Only people who are very close to me call me by "Zhou". And I only answer to that name if I like the person. So if you are to ask me the question "what do I call you to show people that we are closer than the others", the answers will most likely be "Zhou" or "Is that a sun at the sky? Wow, it is so round! What did you say again?".

Gender: Male, and I do not have any plans to change.

Date of Birth: 18 April 1989, that makes me 20 years old this year.

Means of Birth: I was took out from my mother's womb through a caesarean section, my father thought I was a girl.

Religion: Brought up in Church.

Favourite Food: There is no such thing as a favourite food, there's only food we dislike. I don't eat certain things, and that certain things depend on how they are cooked. It's complicated. For example I don't eat pumpkin if you stir fry it. But I like it when you make it into pumpkin pie. I don't eat century egg, but when you are making Shang Hai Porridge, we would squash the century egg into the grain and mix it with oil, left it overnight to let the ammonia smell alike alkaline substance in the century egg soak into the grain, and that makes your grain really easy to cook the next morning. I like that, but I don't eat century egg raw, now do you realise how complicated food is? The only difference between me and a food critic is that I am not famous. I rarely say something taste good. Because food rarely taste so good unless you are eating in the Queens kitchen or you're super rich you make iron chef cook for you all the time. Things I definitely don't eat nomatter how they are cooked are chicken organs, pig liver, pig blood and things like that. Yuck.

Favourite Colour: Blue, Black, White, Red

Favourite Fruit: I see you haven learnt your lesson from Favourite Food yet.

Favourite Music and Songs: I have an acquired taste for Blues, Jazz, Country and Pop. I also listen to rock music on a selective basis. No hard rock. They are for depressed people.

Hobby/Favourite Movie/Favourite Actor/Favourite Whatever: Anything fun and decent. I like to try up new things or just do something I never did for kicks.

Siblings: One elder brother, one imaginary younger brother. But some people think it would be cool if I had a younger sister. They wonder how would she probably be like with a brother like me. They'd call her "Andrew's younger sister".

Level of Education: High.

Family Background: Average family. Not rich not poor, middle middle. Raised up in a strict family that believes in values like, always greet people when you go their house, always say thank you, don't simply honk, always fake a smile, don't shout cibai at people.

Family profile: Father studied until form 5 and then went to work in the civil service, mother studied until form 3 and then went to work in a factory that makes bra, then later also joined the civil service. Elder Brother study until now, doing masters in Chemical Engineering in University Malaya. Probably planning to study up till PHD, Professorship, Nobel Prize. The last time I read his journal last year. It wrote:

(3.29 AM) - I arrived at the above equation after solving my fluid model with integral transform method. This is the form of my PDE (Partial Differential Equations) after transforming it using the Laplace transform. Dr. Yeoh said perhaps this model can be solved analytically after he briefly scanned thru the article by Levenspiel. But as I solved it, I found out that this PDE cannot be solved analytically because the inverse of the Laplace is very complicated. I tried to solve it via Mathcad but to no avail. I think I'm just gonna tell him that it is not possible to solve this. Perhaps a numerical procedure will be better. For the IMC (Internal Model Control) part, I faced a little bit of difficulty because my system is a discrete one while most tuning correlations of IMC utilizes the continuous representations. Is there a way to derive the digital IMC in the framework of PID? I will try. I think the continuous ones can't work for my case because I'm afraid that the zeros are not correct.

I feel like narrating that with Mohinder Suresh's voice in "Heroes". I am still wondering why I did not score straight As in my STPM. Scoring Straight As is my family tradition. I am the dirty black sheep.

Sexual Orientation: Preferably ladies and human. Don't like aliens.

Relationship Status: Single, and will remain so in my profile/facebook/whatever social networking sites even if engaged in a relationship for privacy. There are some things we tell, there are some things we keep. You tell everyone everything, you are crazy.

Some Random Experiences: Have a brother who suffers from kidney failure when I was 12, almost died but luckily didn't, goes on regular dialysis. I always say, don't sympathize me, I have Jesus and He is enough. And I say that probably because I was hardcore church trained, spent an average of 12 hours in church here weekly doing this and that for a duration of 4 years unappreciated. Was bitter and needed therapy even after 2 years since my departure. The damn church is a damn "youth" church. Only one pastor and his wife running a group of naive teenagers.

Some Random Outcomes from Some Random Experiences: Made people say I am more mature than I should be during my younger years. Which isn't much of a compliment. Now luckily that I am older, it sort of even out. Learnt that life is precious. Learnt to put my faith and trust in God like you can't imagine. Learnt to appreciate. Learnt to move on. Learnt a lot about the Bible, God and Jesus I can tell you about Them forever. Learnt how to mingle with people. Learnt how to forgive the pastor which you once feel like killing. Learnt to believe in miracles and to live in it.

Near Future Plans: Continue my studies.

Summary: As people grow and experience more, how they think, act and view things also changes. I'm one of them and hopefully I will always change for better, taking every opportunity to learn from the best. And hopefully that happens to you too! =D

I listen to songs 99% of you didn't know exist, wanna bet? hee hah.


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