Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hainan Nuffnang Cheque

Super Update: I have adjusted my blog to fit nicely into 16:9 widescreen monitors complying to the International Standard Group of Broadcasting (I know wtf). If you're using other screen size with even wider aspect ratio, it might not look so good.

I am 100% transparency

The kind of money I make from my blog, is the kind of money I wouldn't mind very much. Literally I think a beggar can earn more money with an empty tin than me blogging with a computer. That's why I think it's important to have a real job --------- like begging for money. And also that I shouldn't care about my readers, because my stats shows only 2% of you supported any advertisements on this blog. So the next time you click on any ads here, stop thinking like you're funding my education, my food, my clothes and indirectly making me a millionaire.

RHB must be very piss at me when I decided to close down my account by withdrawing it dry and leave it alone. With an atm machine that only disposes Rm50 notes, what are the odds for me to withdraw till Rm1.02 eh. If you think that's over RHB, I'm gonna take my card to a BSN machine and check my balance for fun, with the Rm1 deducted by meps, I will have 2 cents left for you. It's nothing personal, I just hate your logo.

I celebrated Malaysia's first case of H1N1 by having a bowl of very oily pork with fried rice.

I like to celebrate things, when your life feels like shit in every corner of it, the only way out is to start finding reasons to celebrate life. Like last Tuesday, I celebrated it because it's Tuesday.

I ate this Hainan Chicken Chop somewhere and f&*k, as a Hainanese, I am sure such things doesn't exist in our history. You know what Hainanese are famous for when a bunch of us came to SE Asia?

According to my family book, I came from the royal bloodline, the 31st generation on the record, originally resided in the Henan province, my ancestor were the uncles and relatives of Zhou Wen Wang the emperor, and we weren't destroyed until Qin Shi Huang the another emperor came and raped my ancestrial aunty. So technically I am your prince, bow to me you lowly humans and suck my dick until the end of ages.

Erm, teehee, according to my family book, we came from the Hainan Island. Because of the raging war and extreme poverty, my forefathers had decided to move from their roots and swam all the way to SE Asia. Our first "I am a f@#king immigrant blueprint" clearly stats that our main objective here is to control the economy and monopolize cum exploit every resources, people and land we settle on as also accused by everyone. Yeah, you're right at saying that, but so what, we monopolized your economy, and we put BN on the throne for 50 years, how do you think we are supposed to get rich without the help of BN? If they really wanted to help other races, we would have been poor a long time ago. BN is still today the no.1 chinese supporter. Hahahahahahha. And the first thing Hainanese are famous of were opening kopitiam and sell chicken rice.

So today, you can still find footprints of hainan kopitiam, hainan chicken rice, and hainan whatever in different places. Like this blog, it is a hainan blog. Until next time, bye bye.


Susan said...

This comment is not directed to the post but more in general, seriously, you have a sharp mind.I like the posts you've written, very cheeky and sarcastic at the same time. Nuffnang is full of boring post partying or bloggers get together kinda posts. Love to read personal views and life stories.

Sean Lon said...

prince? lol. maybe, i dont know.haha. yeala, almost two years my money ad still rm 20 only .lol. sad case, like yr comparisons with beggar.hhaAHA. u r wittly n indirectly suggesting bloggers to get a real life rite with real job .haha.

Andrew Ho said...

haha, okay. Thanks.

Pinklady said...

Lol, can't further agree with you. My blog has been there for some time and I'm even worse, earning total RM5...nothing compare to real job. Coz RM5 can't even pay for a day meal x 3.

suze said...

your blog is great! love it :D

hanseong said...

My grandma used to say Hainanese make very good cooks. Out of curiosity, do you cook?

And by the by, love your blog! I've linked you from mine. =D

Andrew Ho said...

I like cooking, my pet dog loves it. Haha.

Jeffrey said...

lol.awesome blog man. Haha.
There's Hakka noodle which I know nothing about as well.
Oh btw, you'll still have RM 1.02 in your RHB account, cos MEPS decided to be generous and not deduct your account balance if you use it to check your account. Haha. They'll charge you if you withdraw, but no ATM machines gives out the RM 1 notes.

Jerry Gene said...

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