Monday, May 18, 2009

What Writers Do

Great writers are poor writers. None of them spent very much time writing a sci-fi novel or Harry Potter. Instead they hung out in the street, stood a night in the cold and in hunger, then went back to write how bad it is to be a beggar in the five foot way. Great writers are seldom acknowledged in the prime of their years. People usually wait until they turn either old or dead to suddenly decide he is good and should be remembered as a legend. So on the first day I learnt how to write, I decided not to be a great writer.

But God has a gift for me, just as He has for everyone else. Well, maybe not everyone, but if you have it, you will know. I guess it's time you know the difference between a gift and a talent. People who are talented learn things very fast. For example if someone is gifted in mathematics, you will find that he picks up maths and master it faster than the average student. Whatever you teach him, he got it instantly. So he is talented in maths. People who are gifted on the other hand, they don't learn very fast, as a matter of fact, they don't need to learn very much at all. The very first moment you hand him trigonometry, a shade of the answer has already appeared in his mind. He can roughly tell you there's a tangent or a cosinus in the answer. He is not talented in maths, he is gifted.

I didn't need to read a lot to know how to write, I didn't need a lot of Ernest Hemingway (famous writer) to grasp the essence that the art of writing is in its simplicity. There are many people like this out there. And they are doing everything else but writing. Because the world is no longer content with writers. They are replaced by ipods.

Every writer has their own little habit to keep their head focused when they write. I like to write deep in the night, when there is total silence. And I will play a song, something that goes well with my thoughts, and that song will be set in a replay mode, and it will keep on singing, until I finish writing. How about you? What is your favourite way or time to write in?

What you read earlier on is an introduction, an introduction to my content in the next paragraph. And they are written all the while when Michael Buble is singing "Me and Mrs. Jones" from my speakers. Here we go.....

Life, is not enough. That's why I believe in Heaven. In life, we don't get to choose, we don't have a choice. We don't get fairness and justice is always far. Some are born into wealth. While some are born into shit. There are some 20 year old who earned millions, along with the millions they also possess good looks, and when both of these qualities meet together, it seems like a good life.

When on the other side of the world, there are also some 12 year old, who are forced into prostitution. And because she lives in India, Aids is widespread and she got it too. Years later she finally got out of the industry, she is now 17 and she doesn't know how long it will be before she has to die. While others' life has just begun at this tender age, hers' is coming to an early end.

And there are a big part of us, lying in the middle of these two extreme. Some slightly better, the others worst. We give thanks we are not a part of the lower extreme, and fancy all the time to be on the top. Life, gentlemen, is not enough. I have said it once and I'll say it always, you got to learn how to take life with a smile, because before you knew it, it will come to an end. And it is not until then some of us started to think "Is this it?". Oh gentlemen, life, is not enough. We weren't given a choice how it should begin, neither are we given a choice to choose how it will end.

I swear I will make good what is in the middle between life and death, but I swear too, in the name of your god, that there must be something more after I took my last breathe. There got to be just this one time, where I get to choose. Because Life, .............

The End

And that's how things are written, just words. If you can captivate people and make them think with just mere words, then you must be either talented or gifted. There was a time where people who know how to write were sexy. And only good people know how to read them. Nowsaday, they are all replaced by ipods. God damn Machintosh. Goodnight!


Dzof said...


Great writers also tend to spell correctly and pay close attention to grammar, as well as agreement of tenses - because those things surprisingly matter when you become a writer.

Knowing where to put an apostrophe in relation to the letter 's' - or even to put it at all - is probably a Good Thing too.

Proofread your work if you're going to be serious about this kind of career. At least let Microsoft Word have a run at it.

Andrew Ho said...

I am not serious about this kind of career, I am only doing it for fun like masturbating. However all my artworks are still proofreaded by the linguistic and langguage department of Fukkien University or better known as Fukkien U.

hoyoku said...

Dzof, if you don't have straight As, A1 in 1119, and band 6 in MUET, plus a first class chemical engineering degree, shut up. if we don't apply the correct punctuation, it doesn't mean we are ignorant of it, it just means that we dun care less whether there are any idiots reading our blog.

Anonymous said...

Fukkien U is a 1st class language university in China,我们的水准是跟牛津大学不相上下,有过之而无不极.Our water accurate is as the Oxford University same up same down.Got over no less.

h202 said...


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