Monday, May 11, 2009

1Malaysia Your Head

Updates Upon Updates:

Today Zambry wrote in his blog that his battle in Perak is liken to Nelson Mendela and Ghandi. You see this is the problem with amateur blogger. They don't know how to blog responsibly. How can you call yourself liken to 2 Nobel Peace Prize winner when all the physical sufferings you ever endured was getting circumsized. That's like me calling myself the King of the world. And you all lowly humans, will suck on my dick until the end of ages, man and woman alike.

Those idiots in Perak, they are changing MB every other day, pushing in and out, in and out I just feel like asking, when are you going to cum!? You should model us in Sarawak. Just give all the chairs to BN and kill democracy. We are freaking awesome!

Super Short Talk: One of my ex-schoolmate, a junior just got married recently. Isn't my high school cool? Don't bother asking why get married, just know that my practice of carrying a condom everywhere I go is worth modeling. According to Sun Tzu Art of War....... okay fine, I will shut up.

Super Update: The High court has ruled that Nizar from PKR is the rightful MB of Perak, but don't worry, we from Barisan will appeal to the Court of Appeal, and when that fails, we will further appeal to the Federal court. This is just a smoke screen to let the public think there is hope for them. You wait lah, wait till federal court, I will ask Lingam to help me telephone. Sure win one.

When Najib decided to name his blog, I thought it was quite nice because few people name website starting with a number. But when he decided to present his URL as a concept to all Malaysian. I can't help but to think that it is a blatantly stupid idea, a stupid message and hardly a good propaganda. It irked me even more when I read people quoting the "1Malaysia theme" on the papers, as if it is the new cool thing.

1Malaysia is not new. Because our country has been fostering "unity in diversity" for the last 5 decades unsuccessfully, there is no need for such repetition.

1Malaysia does not present itself accurately. Because we believe in "unity in diversity". Different people of different colour living together under the same roof. The name of 1Malaysia itself gives people and idea that we all have to conform or probably convert ourselves into a new species, whereby we share the same traits and is one.

1Malaysia is vague. "People First Performance Now", "Promoting Togetherness" were all the explanation of the concept we got from Najib. It makes people like me finding it hard to explain to others what really is all this 1Malaysia thing.

To make things simple, I'd just tell them it's a communism thing.

There come a point we should ask ourselves how successful are we in championing unity?

What is it that hinders us from achieving a more rounded unity?

And what can we do to improve?

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your government can do for you!


Nizar the legitimate MB of Perak ruled by the High Court KL Today.

Zombie the Barisan MB and puppet who by the ruling of Court is not the legitimate Perak MB.

11.40 p.m. on MSN

Nizar: Hahahahahahah, I win liao.

Zombie: ........

Nizar: Why don't want talk.

Zombie: No mood.

Nizar: Don't like that lah, next time let you win back.

Zombie: I wont win, the people hate me.

Nizar: Don't say like that.

Zombie: I pull the Speaker out from the hall. Everybody hates me.

Nizar: Haiya, I want to call a fresh election by the way.

Zombie: Good luck oh, I think maybe you can't.

Nizar: How you know?

Zombie: Have to see sultan leh, maybe he wont let you do that.

Nizar: Sien oh, he always help you only.

Zombie: Hia hia hia, maybe he will call for a sitting for a vote of no confidence on you.

Nizar: Cb, why cannot election again?

Zombie: Cause we sure lose one.

Nizar: Haven fight how know.

Zombie: I pull the speaker out from Dewan like a dog, I wont even vote for myself.

Nizar: I vote for you loh.

Zombie: You vote for me also lose.

Nizar: I really hope can win back Perak.

Zombie: Yalah, yalah, tomorrow I am filing an appeal. Cb you.

Nizar: Go ahead lah, not scared you.

Zombie: I sold off your official car this morning before court rule, on purpose.

Nizar: Cb you.

Zombie: Hahahahaa, don't want to talk liao, gtg, sleep.

Nizar: Zzzzzz Nite

Zombie: Nite, sweet dreams.

Nizar: Fck.

Why can't the world be a little more like this?


pilocarpine said...

no matter what is the slogan, if you're screwed, you're screwed.

Tangy said...

He prolly want to get famous and be like Kenny Sia...... there's never ever 1Malaysia, if there is, PIG WILL NEVER EXIST AND DUIT KOPI WON'T BE THAT FREAKING EXPENSIVE....What the Heck is he crapping about?=.=lll

Anonymous said...

wat the hell r u crappin abt tangy. R u comparin a blogger to the prime minister of malaysia? And the pig, Aduh stupid.

Anonymous said...

nice msn chat..

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia sounds so fake. Some assholes in my workplace want to compose their own 1malaysia song, but they don't even know wat the fuck is 1malaysia. 1msia is created to stiffle voices of dissent, so we all pretend that we like each other. but in reality all msians hate each other. !!!!

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