Sunday, June 7, 2009

Education Here In Malaysia

Super Short Talk: Inti College's website was hacked recently.

Going to college is always cool when you watch those Ang Moh people in the Ang Moh movies. But in Malaysia, going to college is no Hollywood production. We are talking about real 3rd world schools run by a crazy Government. Of course, if you're fortunate to secure a scholarship or simply rich enough, you can always spend money to experience some first class education in a first world country with some cool weather, which I am totally supportive of. Rich people should always enjoy and poor people should always suffer. That's how this world function and it shouldn't change. It actually sounds kinda cruel when I say it out like that.

Harvard Law School is not your regular school

Boy two of my good friends and were accepted into USM (The Science University of Malaysia) to do engineering courses. And boy again the engineering campus of that school is located so far away from the Main campus, it is located in an outskirt town. The address ends with Nibong Tebal Seberang Perai Penang. And this is the worst clip I've ever watch introducing a campus.

In our many conversations, there were excerpts like "the hostel room is so small, if u sleep on top of the double decker bed and jump up in the night, there is a chance the ceiling fan will cut your head off". "USM engineering faculty is in the jungle, there's a kind of ant there that can leave rashes on your skin if it climbs and walk pass it." "Har? If it climbs down your body from your forehead, then how?"

Now you know why UM (University Malaya) is still the best Public Uni in Malaysia? To hell with the number of journal they publishes each year, it's located 5 minutes from Mid Valley, of course it's good. No creepy ants.

But Public Uni is cheap. It is so cheap you can basically call it free. A few of the popular ones are located near the city while the rest are all over the map. In Malaysia, we don't refer every school as "college" like the States does. The government separates them clearly as "Polytechnics", "College", "University College" and lastly "University". Whereby their ranks and status rises in that particular order too. So where am I going? I am going down the cliff because USM didn't even accept me. Technically, I am not even qualified to study in Nibong Tebal Seberang Perai Penang. Hahaha.... I see my career path has been wind down to .....

Technical Error: Initially both my classmates checked their application status online at the USM website on the 29 of May. On that day they were told that they were accepted into the University. I had also written this post at the same time. But 18 hours later, when they checked their application once again, they were dropped from the acceptance list. And USM posted this on their website:


Calon-calon diminta membuat semakan terkini keputusan kemasukan ke USM mulai 30 Mei 2009 jam 4.00 petang. Calon yang TIADA dalam senarai atau TIADA dalam maklumat berjaya adalah GAGAL mendapat tempat di USM dan akan dipertimbangkan di IPTA lain.

Bagi calon yang berjaya, sila hantar LAMPIRAN A dan Lampiran A1 selewat-lewatnya 8 JUN 2009.

Kesilapan teknikal ini dan segala kesulitan amat dikesali.

In short, USM regreted for a technical error and that the first round of acceptance notice were just a false alarm. Another friend of mine said she had booked Rm600 worth of air ticket back and forth to Penang only to find out that her name were dropped later. I am sure this doesn't just happen to a few of my friends, the school accepts thousands of student each year, so if they put this kind of crap notice out. It gotta be crap.

So technically, my post is irrelevant anymore since my friends aren't going there. Fuck USM. Some of us poor Chinese students are very pitiful one, you cannot play with us like that. Education is a big deal because it is the only way to get out of our poverty. Malay people, fucking gave them all the chances for the last 50 years and they still say they are poor, why are you screwing us like that?! How many more years should we give you, 500? It's all BN's fault!

APEX University My Ass


Kock Sin said...

Cool post. The Engineering campus is near to my house, seriously, it is quite remote. Luckily i am in a campus 5 minutes from mid valley.:)

Anonymous said...

WTH man!!
u said chinese is damn poor??
then why are you people eat outside all the time??
then some of you got the Medic offer in USM still wanted to reject just because that place is HULU?
soooo poor but cannot live in ULU places?sad but true la you people!!

Edison Chen said...

Tats becuz we belong to the rich group. As only rich ppl read this blog, this blog is a high-end luxurious blog. Like a restaurant, only high class ppl can dine in here.

Chiko said...

tats becuz chinese are economy concious, we realize if we do not eat out,buy things,buy house,buy car,buy clothes,buy handphone n other neceessities, if we do not spend some money we earn, the whole economy wil freeze and there'll be no liquidity.Lidat,the economy will fall.We saved the economy, hooray!

Anonymous said...

aiyak..some say poor some say rich..
i oso get confused d!
don't fight2 la you guys.

whatever that means said...

wow!save the economy huh?
sooo thats why the pigs you're eating is causing so many problems the the WORLD!
so much of saving the economy!!lol.

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