Friday, June 19, 2009

EL NiNo Burito is Spanish

The weather in Kuching is getting warmer than ever. God must be punishing us for supporting BN. I knew this would happen somehow when you vote for the wrong team. Now that Satan has taken over us, we will all be burnt up. This is clearly the only logical explanation I could have think of.

I believe many of us do not know how to read a weather report properly. So allow me with the little that I know enlighten you. First of all, don't read it.

If you want to know the current weather just look out at the window.

Both you and I know very clearly, the reason we have weather reports on our cellphone is for show offs. We are Malaysians, we do not appreciate the nature, we do not go for picnic outings, we do not lay a piece of stupid cloth in the park, sit on it and eat sandwich while discussing the latest show on Disney channel. Instead we complain about hot weather in an air-coned room.

What about tomorrow, we want to know the weather tomorrow so that we can make plans in advance. This is Malaysia, you expecting a blizzard anytime soon? We are Malaysians, if we want to go shopping it doesn't matter if a volcano erupted in the middle of the mall. As long as the lava doesn't get us, we continue shopping. That having said I will marry anyone who can pick me the overprice blue check shirt in Esprit. Depending on whether it is American size or not, I sometimes wear XL, but on the record, I will tell you I only wear L because I am slim, hot, beautiful, sexy and you have never met me. If you see someone who resembles me but weight around let's say 80kg on the street, don't bother wondering, it's definitely not me. What was I saying again, yes, hot weather.

The weather is so hot, I can sweat even when I'm taking a shower. Besides my theory of we getting punished for voting Satan, there is of course some other trivia reported in the newspaper. They call it the El Nino phenomena. The last El Nino phenomena happened in 2006, ended in early 2007. And now it is back in 2009 because we voted Satan. So it seems this is an unusual phenomena where the pacific ocean warms up and part of southeast Asia goes warm with it. Of course I could have explain this more thoroughly with you if I am a meteorologist, but the problem is I'm not. Sorreee.

It has been a long time since I visited xiaxue's blog. I didn't even know she changed her blog template. When I visited it for the first time after 2 years of absence, I nearly fell off my chair at the bombastic header which is her picture. In comparison to her, I definitely lack many qualities to be a bimbly popular blogger who is just spectacular. Some say it's craptacular, I think it's fair.

To think about it, I should have just put this as my header.

But of course, I certainly don't dream that much to be a popular blogger anymore. Gone are the days of me indulging on such wishful thinkings. Nowsaday I focus more on Hollywood. I could have write very good sitcoms and shows. Unfortunately I'm just one of the many people who are stumbled by geographical reasons. When you are born in Satan's turf, you can't really do much but to grow as a devil. Or maybe demon. I wonder if it is just me but I kept thinking this picture looks very much alike Su Qi.

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