Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About Thanksgiving & Other Things

Super Short Talk: I love you all.

I learnt not to complain about many things. Why? Because when God gives me good things, I never question why. So when bad situations set in, why am to I question? Am I to be so selfish that I shall not allow any storm to come my way or condemn any tongue that rises against me? Am I to think so highly of myself that I forgot that there are many more people like me who had worst fate?

I know that the bible promised us many good things, blessings over blessings. In abundance according to our faith. Do you know why God keeps reminding us in His word about how good He is, how much He loves us and how much He wants to see us well? I am not God, but I'm guessing He knows that we can be pretty hard to be convinced. Which is also why, while we settle in this fallen earth, He made patience, He made love and many other beautiful things.

Do you know as we speak in this moment. How many are falling and how many rises? Do you know as we speak in this moment, how many babies are born into poverty, and how many men are put behind bars?

Some people enjoy thinking so much, they try to search of more knowledge towards meanings in life. When in fact, there is no meaning to life. We just make it up along the way.

I am nobody to teach anyone how to live their life. But I know mine is made better each time I start a day with a smile. And end that day with another. Although many times it can be a forceful one. It just doesn't matter as long as it is there.


Anonymous said...

i like what you wrote, its good :D

Anonymous said...

people are hard to be convinced, how true.

Andrew Ho said...

Thank you. I'll appreciate it if readers can kidnly leave down names when commenting though.

Su Ee said...

"But I know mine is made better each time I start a day with a smile."

Hey, good post. And i like the sentence above =)

percival said...

very positive post.. love it..

casey said...

You have given in a good effort by cumin' up with a post to mention and praise God, which is a good effort. Hey, allow me to say this : "Thankyou, Andrew!"

(sometimes I wanted to do so, as well, but shame of me that i just felt people wouldn't appreciate it.. )

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