Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tomato Crispy Rice

Super Short Talk: I have just resigned from my Speedy Job a few days ago. I have worked there for 3 full months and decided that it is enough for experience. Although sometimes when I answer my calls, I tend to still go like "Hello, Speedy Video".

Since I am not an employee anymore, I am free to disclose company information. I can tell you that The Spring Speedy earns more than 50K per month, Speedy Top Sale is in Midvalley and Genting at 200k per month. The 'Movie Magic' franchise is also owned by Speedy, they sell cds and dvds in 'The Gardens' and other places and their sale reaches 600k per month. There are more than 60 speedy outlets in Malaysia. My big boss looks like Jack Neo and he has 1 wife, 1 mistress and 1 girlfriend of which he brought along while visiting his store in Kuching. He also called my executive to ask if there is any Seven Eleven in Kuching during night time. I am skeptical about what he wanted to buy. My point is, why study? Go sell porn lah.

"Why use the yellow pages" was the question posed on this board. When I looked at the yellow pages provided below the board, I have another question instead.

My question is "how to use the yellow pages like that?"

Recently an e-lawyer law conference were held and it was supposed to educate the public regarding the do's and don'ts while blogging. I of course did not attend it, that's probably because I am already very well versed about these things through fine observations from our kings and politicians.

rub with mouse and press to enlarge

Among the questions posed on the leaflet and my suggested answers to them are:

1) What amount to defamatory statement?

a) It depends on how rich the person you are talking bad at. For example if you accuse me of having anal sex with a beautiful underage mongolian girl of which I later decide to bring her to the woods, strip her naked and repeatedly rape her before I conclude our session by tying a bomb onto her breast, destroying her into 109 pieces. Seriously, nothing will happen to you.

But if you do otherwise with someone important, esspecialy old people with white hair, little white hair or no hair. You'll be dead.

2) What should I do when someone claims that the content of my blog defames him?

b) Assemble your lawyers to find twisted evidence that you are not defaming him and sue him back for false accusation which carries a worst penalty. If that isn't enough, go bersumpah in a synagogue.

3) If I found out others have defame me in their blog, what should I do?

c) Spam them daily for months and years until they delete their blog.

Have anyone of you heard of something call 'Tomato Crispy Rice' ? I ordered that the other day in an eating place, and it top the list of the suckest thing I have ever eaten. I'd rather eat grass than this. It's definitely alien food.

The rice isn't cereal, it is real rice, just that it is also baked to become as hard as stones.

I did not by any chance finished the dish, I just asked them to send it back to their chef and ask him to eat it.

P/S: Did anyone of you catch this very sensational news on the star?


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Got speedy at genting arr?

Wayne Teh said...

Yeah, 2nd floor if I'm not mistaken.. I've been there before..

chihli-padi said...

!! won't even feed it to the army!

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