Monday, March 23, 2009

Fuck The Power

Sometimes I wish I can just put a big banner on my blog saying "This Week No Inspirations, So No Updates". But again that will be a disappointment, not so much to you, but to myself. Blogging is very much like running a TV Show. You meet schedule, you meet deadlines, and if you don't do well. Your ratings fall, your advertisers pull out and soon you will have to cut the show. I certainly do know there are more aspects and values in running a blog than "ratings", but I can't possibly justify every way and means in a single composition. We'll take one step at a time.

When I screened through the various universities in Malaysia, and especially on the local ones. I seriously think that they are very under appreciated with regard to their creativity in creating and naming multiple courses. While you can find the conventional courses that you are familiar with in a private or foreign institution. It is not quite the same story for public universities. Take the "Technological University of Malaysia" (UTM) for instance, in their faculty of education, they have the followings:


Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education (Chemistry)
Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education (Physics)
Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Sports Science)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Physics)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Chemistry)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Islamic Studies)
Bachelor of Science with Education (Science)
Bachelor of Science with Education (TESL)
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Mechanical Engineering)
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Civil Engineering)
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Electrical Engineering)
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Living Skills)
Bachelor of Education (Educational Management)

Look at those blue highlighted courses and tell me they are not screwing around with my ass. Do you know what is the difference between "Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education in Chemistry" and "Bachelor of Science with Education in Chemistry"? And what exactly should I do when I graduate with a Bachelor of Technology with Education in Mechanical Engineering? Should I teach engineering or should I work as an engineer?

I am sure they have a definition for those courses and their whatever syllabus. But if that is what you are presenting to an investor when you want to open up a University. I suggest you give up. Or you can just add another course by the name Bachelor of Arts in Blogging, Bachelor of Arts with Education in Blogging or Bachelor of Arts and Computer with Education in Blogging.

Didn't I just mentioned that running a blog is like running a TV show? I've received information even as I speak to you from the news and current affairs department. I am told that a 13 minute clip bashing the Chief Minister of Sarawak has been released on youtube a few days ago.

I especially like how the Al-jazeera, Al-Jajeera, Al-zebra network pronounce his name in 3:45. It sounds exactly like how the Americans would pronounce a name of an Iraqi terorist.

The report stated that we are building dams that will generate 600% more electricity than we need by 2020. And the biggest beneficiary in the project is CMS Cement which is 57% owned by the Chief Minister's family. It also mentioned that the Titanium corp. which were partly owned by the Chief Minister's son were financially unstable to handle a 150 million project that were awarded directly towards them despite of an open tender. It further claimed that the bridges they built did not meet actual needs and were not made economically.

Now listen to me. Although I have not been officially appointed as the Chief Minister's Press Secretary. I am very sad to hear this kind of report. First of all, the State Government has a plan to build such a big dam with solid reasons. Sarawak is currently pushing the Energy Corridor whereby through it we are able to create more than 15000 job opportunities. In the process we build dams to enlarge our capacity not just to provide to ourselves but also as a business opportunity that is to sell electricity to our neighbouring countries by 2020. Of course, how we are going to do it is classified information.

CMS cement is the biggest cement company in Sarawak and the most competent compared to all. Therefore awarding the tender to it is justifiable. With regard to the conflict of interest whereby CMS is partly owned by the Chief Minister's family, there seems to be no breach of law in it. You cannot blame a father whose son sell good cement. Just as you can't blame the Bush family, both father and son took Presidency and bombed Iraq.

Titanium Corp. were a small company to begin with, but it's performance in repairing the bridges has proved itself well. The company was not awarded with a direct tender because the Chief Minister's son owned it, it was an open tender, and Titanium Corp. won it. The State Cabinet had discussed it in a closed door meeting before awarding it to them. On the accusation that the bridges does not meet actual needs and were not built economically. The State Government believes that bridges are built for the sole purpose of connecting land and that is what all our bridges are doing. And those bridges were indeed not built economically. They were made with the best material with supervision from the best engineers meeting the tightest standards to ensure absolute safety. Al-Zebra might not care for our public safety but the State Government does.

It is a shame the Government has yet to recruit me or award my blog a 150 million contract to spread the good name of the government. God bless Malaysia, God save our King. You have a good day.


Chindiana said...

I saw Bachelor of Technology with Education (Home Skills) - What's that? teaching someone online to milk a goat and make cheese?

pilocarpine said...

prob teaching someone how to milk a cheese and make a goat..

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. For those who are in the Malaysian schooling system, we do have a subject called "Kemahiran Hidup" or Home Skills. It's a subject that provide knowledge and skills for plumbing, home management, basic electronics and so on.

If one of the skill of living is to make milk goat and make cheese, I don't find anything funny or wrong with it.

Do have to remember that the bachelor degree is named Bachelor of Technology with EDUCATION. This means the graduate are possible future high school teacher in the making.

So, the Bachelor of Technology with Education (Home Skills) mean the graduate will be learning skills on how to teach high school students using modern technology applied to improve Home Skills.

Chicken said...

you do understand that spending 4 years to specialize in that is bullshit rite? I got an A in "kemahiran hidup" anyway.

hoyoku said...

I don't believe in any other courses other than the conventional and mainstream ones. Kemahiran Hidup is a waste of time although I got an A for it. That probably explains why I can't get into colleges like MIT. The Malaysian education has spoiled me.

Su Ee said...

I got my a** landed on a course that i didn't want - thanks to the system of malaysia.

Andrew Ho said...

My condolences Su Eee. You should have given all your Straight As to me. To stress the amount of smart people in my presence, the hoyoku commentator up there was also a Straight As scorer in STPM. They are only 0.5% of them every year out of an average of 60,000 candidates. You don't get to talk to them with an average mind.

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