Friday, March 27, 2009

There are Moral Absolutes

Super Short Talk: Some call it a public stunt. Some call it a good awareness event. Either way I think it is just better than none. Maybe this is a good day to sit down and watch Al Gore's "The Inconvenient Truth" or a very bad disaster movie. It's really up to you. But I care for the environment, I do, you know, I have always like tigers, giraffe and the circus. So I guess it's good we do something to preserve them as we preserve ourselves.

"Moral absolute" is a branch of ethics that view certain actions as absolutely right or wrong, regardless of the situation. For example "lying" in view of moral absolute is always wrong. Even if you are lying to promote some other good. As for me, my character has always reflect me as one of those who believes in moral absolute.

Unfortunately in life there are plenty of situations where this rule does not apply very well. But for as long as I can take it, I will always try to do the right thing. Today our society has been depressed by all kinds of cultures and ideas thanks to the television and the Internet. If there were one thing we struggle to find more than anything else in time, it will be an identity. For certain I admire the western culture on their democracy, on their vision for achievement. But to compare the ratio of crap cultures they throw in in exchange for what is good, it is really not worth the trade.

Just so you know "the society" is not something abstract you refer to in a composition, the society is where we live in. It is the things and people around us. It is every heartbeat that follows.

If your father who has 1.5 million ringgit in cash, 3 houses, 2 apartments and an empty detached plot (no house built on it just the land) has cancer. He is dying and decided to give you 1 apartment of his only, whereby the rest is to be given all to your elder brother whom he favour more. Should you or should you not be taking care of him in his last 3 months of life?

There is a moral absolute we all believe in. I just hope that someday somehow, we would all take a little more courage to live it out. And live it out loud.

This man is gonna be your Prime Minister so soon, you would have wished this life is just a dream


Behind The Scene, The Making Of What You Read

Okay the post has ended, and I know it wouldn't be a popular one. And Malaysians in general wouldn't understand or appreciate this sort of writings for the next 50 years or so. But ladies and germs, do you know one of the most important department in the White House is the Communications Department? Communications Department is the office that writes all the speeches for the President. And they put the most knowledgeable brilliant people inside.

To write something good, you have to make it simple, you want to write in a language that is very understandable. And you also want to write it in style. You want to make it sounds good, you want it to flow smoothly like a river, and towards the end of the river, you also anticipate the waterfall. So all the elements have to be inside.

To ensure that is a little bit more complicated than it seems. We will have to revise the language again and again to make sure it has got the spice right. For example you can say "I just hope that someday somehow, we would all take a little more courage to live it out" or "I just hope that we would all someday somehow take a little more courage to live it out". And the first one is better. Because it has a pause, a coma in between. It stresses the second sentence about the 'courage' better.

Writing good stuff is sometimes like answering a math question, you got one number wrong, you got it all wrong.


Gary said...

I don't like Najib. But there seems 2 b no other choices in the BN party. We shud hav Anwar Lah.

casey said...

So bruder, you ain't asking us to treat Mr.Mustache to be our fother, or are you? ~ (heard a sound of someone dropping onto the floor, pengsang...)

Emory said...

Well, another short term Prime Minister I think. Mahatir had a vision, to change his own people. (I used your formula on sentence making here... LOL!) Seeing everyone prosper and equal. He is more based on the Economics and how he build it up for us. That is quite vital for our half cooked country now as it is filled with economical crisis and the poor living standards of our nation.

I liked Mahatir for his plans for Malaysia but I think his vision 2020 cannot be completed and being shoved into the grounds of political files. Right Click, Properties, Hidden checked, Apply...

Yes, writing a post is all about language. I can't help but to notice, did you just spelled language with 3 g's?

Love the Uncle Najib wants you pic.

Andrew Ho said...

Yes I did, at some point when I am writing a thousand word article,there is a good chance I will make a spelling mistake.

Emory said...

No one is perfect. I do mistakes myself. Your language is beyond my standards I can say. Very the nice... Love the way you write your posts. Serious, focused, humor injected at places people would less know about them.

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